Sunday, 28 December 2008

National Data Entry - Is It For Real?

"National Data Entry" - Is It For Real?

Initial assessment - end December 2008. (I'll update this post once I get my CD and start using the system, BTW.)

Someone whose e-newsletter I receive sent me a link to National Data Entry describing that it was working very well for him - and very quickly. (That is not an affiliate link, BTW.)

Right now I need a very quick boost to my income if I'm to avoid finding a real J.O.B., so I decided to take a closer look. After due diligence (I looked up some other review type sites which seemed genuine, and browsed a couple of forums) I decided $47 (approx £35) would not break the bank and might just give me that elusive edge I need to get going for real.

"Thousands of Companies Are Seeking Data Entry Processors To Get Paid To Work From Home...It's Your Turn To Easily Make $200 to $500 Per Day Using My Proven 5-Step System!"

The program needs to be shipped to me from the USA, and as I write it's on the way. However, in the meantime I have been given access to the full training program.

Now, here's where I'm coming from with this blog post: until recently I designed, managed and used databases - in more than one system, for more than 20 years. Databases have been my life and passion in that time, even though I have no paper qualifications.

I don't know about you, but here's my interpretation of 'Data Entry':

1. Filling in fields with provided information.

2. Getting paid to do the above.

End of.

Now I can't be 100% sure, but it seems to me that 'National Data Entry' inserts a wee bit extra inbetween 1 and 2:

1a. Advertise information from 1. to get sales in order to receive 2.

And this is just about where the term 'data entry' might be considered as misleading: it's not just the data entry you must do - you have to promote too.

The method they utilise is affiliate marketing. As well as databases, I know all about this too. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate University I've learnt a tremendous amount about affiliate marketing. All that's lacking for me is the 'right niche'. I'm not sure NDE will be much help in that respect. From what I've read, I will still need to decide which products to promote. But then I will receive a one-time 1-on-1 coaching session which may be very useful.

However, having said that, if the program helps me to bring in some real money, then I suppose one might consider it to be 100% OK - after all, that's what they say the job is:

"You Can Now Work From Home, Fill Out Simple Online Forms From Your PC, And Leave The Rat Race For Good! Thousands of Members and I Are Finally Living Our Dreams...And In The Next Few Minutes, You Can Do The Same!"

The training is very thorough, although it doesn't go into the same depth that I would get from Wealthy Affiliate University. It would however, be an excellent system for teaching someone from scratch; seasoned affiliate marketers would be able to grasp it in a single, quick read-through and may or not benefit from the lessons. That's not to say the program is no good. It has already given me an idea I hadn't seriously considered before.

That's what I'm finding a lot in my internet business. Whatever program or ebook you buy puts a different emphasis on different methods. Sometimes it is only after reading about something 3 or 4 times, from different sources, that something sinks in and makes sense. I guess that's why we keep buying more stuff - in the hope of finding that elusive key!

So, that's my current 'take' on National Data Entry. I definitely will be back here before the end of January 2009 to give you a progress report.

All the best

-- L

While I'm waiting for the NDE stuff to arrive, I'm going to beaver on with Project Quick Cash, which is nothing if not interesting (and really is broadening my internet marketing horizons). Find out more by
CLICKING HERE. I actually set up my Lawrence of Arabia Blogpost yesterday because of PQC.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Copywriting Video Course - Copywriting Project.

A fantastic video copywriting course by pro copywriter Petros Christodoulou.

12 modules covering:

  • Getting More Response From Written Copy
  • The Trial Offer
  • The Refund
  • Samples and Follow-Up
  • Credibility
  • Using The Right Language
  • Learning From Successful Copywriters
  • Overcoming Readers' Objections
  • Interesting, Conversational Copy
  • The Lift Letter
  • Using Bullets and Bulleted Lists
  • Good Copywriting on The Order Page

I understand Petros has 300 of these courses available, but he's selling the first 50 at just $97.

Can You Afford Not To Invest In The Copywriting Project Video Course!

Click Here For More Info!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Blogging To The Bank 3 Review Site

Blogging To The Bank 3 Review Site

I've just put up a review page for 'Blogging To The Bank 3' on my AcmeOnlineBizReviews site.


This is not a "short and sweet two paragraphs, ain't it brilliant, go and buy it" site. No. In my Blogging To The Bank 3 Review Site you get a very long page, videos and even some not-so-positive comments.

In other words, this is a complete, 'warts and all' review of Blogging To The Bank 3. I pull no punches.

I won't tell you the result here - so off you go to the site and see what's what.

Here's that link again: CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY REVIEW SITE



Friday, 28 November 2008

Start Making Money Online For Free

Start Making Money Online For Free

They say that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Well, they're wrong. There are lots of good programmes here online which will get you started with your own internet business. There's just one thing to be aware of though; if it's free then it will usually require a bit more hard work!

You are going to work hard anyway - it takes dedication and tenacity to get going with any online business, but I'd like to mention some really good freebie programs which can give you an sight into making money online without costing you a penny. You can upgrade and pay more if you want to later.

One thing I had great difficulty with was deciding what I actually wanted to do for my internet biz.
What were my options:
Affiliate Marketing
Online Publishing
Write my own ebook

eBay is probably the most stand-alone of the four and I had been quite successful doing it as well as my full-time job.