Saturday, 29 May 2010

What Makes Money Online?

What Makes Money Online?

There are many wild claims, lots of hype, as many scams, just plain lies - and then there are the ones that actually work. I'm about to tell you what is working for me. In other words, what is bringing in some money at last.

OK, so at the moment, it's not exactly a fortune, and when converted from US dollars, it's even less, but after several years experimenting, hopping from one programme to another, trying all sorts of things online, I'm making money with affiliate marketing through traffic exchanges.

What's more, I only started the main system which does this in January 2010 and 4 months later I have received 2 commission payments from it. I am steadily working every day and it continues to grow steadily. In addition to this, I do a few other things which bring in small amounts throughout the month. These may be commissions from referring people to join me, a percentage of what they paid for advertising, rewards for doing little things. It all mounts up, and as it grows it is starting to pay towards my online activities. Eventually I will be making enough to cover all my expenses so that I start to make a profit. As that develops I will find I am making good money, perhaps enough to pay for a holiday, replace a car, house improvements and more.

What is likely to happen is that it will start to grow steadily and then suddenly explode - online biz does that. You just have to keep plodding away at it and before you know it, the money starts to come in.

For now, I'm just going to pop down the links to the systems I'm using. Then in the next few weeks I will give an overview of each one and explain a bit more of the reality of how it is working for me. I'm not going to mention anything about eBay - although I was quite successful with it, I am not 'doing' that right now.

First up - MY INSTANT BIZ - I've been in this for about 16 months. Would have gone faster if I hadn't diversified. Excellent training and great support:
Next - TrafficWave + OceanSwell the one where I'm making most money each month. But that's the end result - here's how I'm doing it

Then there's SuccessQuik. This is a way to make money by promoting advertising resources, bit like an advertising broker, I suppose. By the way, nothing of what I do costs a fortune to start, in fact most of them are free, but you do need to spend a few dollars each month to move them along. Back to SuccessQuik - well, just click through HERE.

Now we come to some novel systems. One is quite new and innovative, the other has been going for about 16 years.

Rip-Tide Army - free to join and you also can look through the forum to see just how excited everyone is.

F5M + Jonathan's websites - Jonathan has developed a team rotator program and it takes a lot of the worries out of getting started. Just $5 to begin, so must be worth doing.

Well, that's it for now. Back later with a bit more information.

Lynda H