Monday, 15 October 2012

Quick Update For ProfitClicking Upgrade

Quick Update For ProfitClicking Upgrade

Just received this response from ProfitClicking support in answer to my question about not being able to upgrade at the moment. There's nothing to worry about. Everything is in hand!.:

Hello:Our members do not lose their matured purchases, they are in the queue waiting for the matrix to be completed, then all accounts will be adjusted. IT Dept. is still working on the site.

You do not need to upgrade in Profit Clicking in order to participate in the ad packages, even to get commissions from your referrals!

Only after 4 of your Ad Packages mature, does it start to get interesting to upgrade in Profit Clicking, so you earn more money than just your daily sales profit.

Currently, the upgrade button is not functional. Please keep in mind, that there is no need to be an upgraded member at this point in time, other than access to the "Big Success Breakthrough." The Ad Package feed is inactive so whether you are upgraded or not you will not be receiving free PC Panels for every four matured Ad Packs. You also don't lose anything because your expired Ad Packs will be pending until we resume the feed.

It won't be long now so please keep an eye out for the latest announcement in your dashboard.

Your upgrade to Level 1 will provide you with several benefits:

1) Access to the PC Success Course, the "Big Success Breakthrough," worth thousands or even much more if you are able to apply this training to your own life.

2) Ability to receive the second half of your Ad pack earnings, by allowing you to receive free PC Panels (matrices) you're entitled to when your Ad Packs mature -- worth a great deal, depending on the extent of your Ad Pack participation.

3) Entitlement to buy PC Panels (matrices) without having to first participate in purchasing Ad Packs potentially makes you the fastest money available at Profit Clicking without promoting your website.

Upgrade to level 2 will cost $57 every 3 months - Pays a commission of $28.50 per sale. Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7

Upgrade to level 3 will cost $117 every 3 months - Pays a commission of $58.50 per sale. Product: Killer Success Tricks 8-?

PC2 and PC3 are coming soon!

Thank you for being a valued member of Profit Clicking.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's happened to Just Been Paid?

What's happened to Just Been Paid?
Just Been Paid/JSS is now ProfitClicking. It has been a tedious process, but the money is rolling in again and they have come up with a much slicker site. Still a few teething problems and lots still to do, but although I was really disappointed at first, I'm now seeing the benefits.

Practicalities: not much has changed other than the daily requirement to surf at least 3 sites every day. Now that's a bit of a pain if you want a vacation as you won't get paid for the days when you can't surf. I need to see if it's possible to do it on my mobile (cellphone) then it won't be quite so bad.

Rather than buying 'positions' you now need to buy ad packages - still $10 each and do the same job. The weekday and weekend % benefits look as if they have doubled; not sure if that's permanent, but good to see.

Some days the system seems really slow. Best to leave it and go back an hour later, I've found. It has taken weeks! A hard time for everyone, but true to their promises they look as if they will take JBP/JSS to new heights and I'm with them all the way.

Pop over, take a look and grab your $10 starter cash (pay it back automatically after 45 days): CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How Is Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler Doing?

How Is Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler Doing?

I'm really, really pleased.

I joined mid April, have put in a total of $170 of my own money, received back $100 which I have re-invested into purchasing positions. I now have 26 positions which are making me just over $5 a day. This means that I can re-invest for a new position every 2 days. (I think I've worked out these figures correctly, but it is a bit fiddly!)

I received my $10 loan to get started (paid back to the system automatically on day 45).
I paid the $15 upgrade - which I don't think I needed to, but what the heck!
I added $70 of my own to get 7 positionsat the beginning.
I added more x $10 or $20 to get the 4s as close together as possible.

The program recommends you buy 4 positions at time, but not all of us can do that. What I have been doing is buying extras whenever I can and as close as possible to the re-invested one. I reasoned that the more positions I had the faster my cash would grow and therefore it all grows exponentially.

Here's a summary of everything I have done since I started keeping a log mid May (before then I had 'made' enough to re-invest in 2 positions to give me a total of 9):

16-May 4.90
17-May 6.70
18-May 8.50
19-May 9.85
20-May 11.20
21-May 3.20
22-May 5.20
23-May 7.20
24-May 9.20
25-May 11.20

27-May 4.80
28-May 7.20
31-May 14.4*
01-Jun 3.60
02-Jun 6.00
03-Jun 8.40
04-Jun 1.60
05-Jun 4.80
06-Jun 8.00
07-Jun 11.20*
08-Jun 4.60
09-Jun 7.15
10-Jun 9.70
11-Jun 13.10*
11-Jun 3.10
12-Jun 7.10
13-Jun 11.10*
14-Jun 5.30
15-Jun 9.50
16-Jun 12.95*
17-Jun 6.55
18-Jun 11.35*
19-Jun 6.35
20-Jun 11.35*

I don't for one minute pretend to understand how this works, but you can see my balance growing every day and just keep re-investing so it happens faster. Those with a * are where I re-invested. You can see that in the last couple of weeks I have been able to 'recycle' faster and faster. 4th June was when the original $10 loan was claimed back.

At the top of the chart I was gaining my $10 roughly every 5 days, now it's every other day.

My next step is to find out what I should be doing from now on - and even what I should have been doing from the beginning. There's a lot of information to digest and to be honest, it isn't presented in a very understandable way. BUT THE SYSTEM WORKS!

I will keep you posted. Meanwhile pop over and check it out for yourself: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Just Been Paid & JSS Tripler

Just Been Paid & JSS Tripler

Now I won't claim that I understand how this program works exactly, but I must say that I am becoming rather excited - which is quite good considering we older Brits don't usually get excited about much!

Anyway, I joined this on the recommendation of a good online friend, with whom I am involved in other biz opps too. I was intrigued by Just Been Paid & JSS Tripler to the point where I asked my friend if it really was all it claimed to be.

I was automatically given an advance of $10 by the system  (everything's in US dollars) and spent $15 upgrading myself, $20 to buy a matrix position and a further$50 to buy some more positions for myself. So now I have 7 positions and I have already bought 2 more using the money the system has made me. Apparently though, it is better to buy in multiples of 4 at a time - so I plan to do that.

I can see that the more positions I have the faster my cash will grow, but I have decided to re-invest that money into more positions for a while to give it a boost.

I admit that it is quite hard taking everything in when I have limited time - and there's lots of repetition. But the system is definitely working so one to become involved with I reckon.

Pop over and check it out: Go to Just Been Paid / JSS Tripler

They do have some great self-development products which you access depending which grade you are:
"Upgrade Your Brain,"
"Big Success Breakthrough,"
and "Killer Success Tricks"
to become vastly more successful in all areas of your life.
and "JBP's Leapfrog Course"

I haven't had a chance to check these out yet, but they are on my list.Click the square to find out more.