Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's happened to Just Been Paid?

What's happened to Just Been Paid?
Just Been Paid/JSS is now ProfitClicking. It has been a tedious process, but the money is rolling in again and they have come up with a much slicker site. Still a few teething problems and lots still to do, but although I was really disappointed at first, I'm now seeing the benefits.

Practicalities: not much has changed other than the daily requirement to surf at least 3 sites every day. Now that's a bit of a pain if you want a vacation as you won't get paid for the days when you can't surf. I need to see if it's possible to do it on my mobile (cellphone) then it won't be quite so bad.

Rather than buying 'positions' you now need to buy ad packages - still $10 each and do the same job. The weekday and weekend % benefits look as if they have doubled; not sure if that's permanent, but good to see.

Some days the system seems really slow. Best to leave it and go back an hour later, I've found. It has taken weeks! A hard time for everyone, but true to their promises they look as if they will take JBP/JSS to new heights and I'm with them all the way.

Pop over, take a look and grab your $10 starter cash (pay it back automatically after 45 days): CLICK HERE.

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