Saturday, 19 June 2010

PLR Empire Profits Review

PLR Empire Profits Review

PLR (private label rights) products have become a really big thing for people who use different types of content in their business. Articles, ebooks, blog posts, emails, videos, audios, software, and so much more are all things that website owners use in their business for different reasons.

Up until now only those who wanted to sell their own products, or those who make money with their sites using PPC (Pay Per Click) or by selling advertising have been able to take full advantage of products that come with PLR.

Now though with the PLR Empire Profits course affiliate marketers can learn to use private label rights content to sky-rocket their affiliate commissions.

This is a full blown course that not only comes with 5 different workshops that teach you how to profitably use private label rights products in your affiliate marketing business, but also live coaching with an affiliate marketing expert!

Here's exactly what's in the PLR Empire Profits course:

First are the 5 different workshops that you get that teach you incredible tactics for making a killing as an affiliate marketer. They are...

Workshop 1 -- Affiliate Marketing The Right Way Workshop

In this workshop you'll have to forget everything you've been taught about affiliate marketing! Most of it hasn't worked anyway! This workshop will wipe your brain of all the misinformation you've been given about affiliate marketing, and will help reprogram your brain to actually be successful! You'll start at the beginning so that you get off on the right foot, and then you'll be shown the real "insider secrets" to making money with affiliate marketing.

Workshop 2 -- Affiliate Squeeze Page Workshop

In this workshop, you'll learn how to setup your own squeeze page that will allow you to build your own email list. You'll learn how to create your squeeze page, and then how to take PLR products and turn them into killer products to entice people to give up their name and email address.

After that, you'll learn how to take emails to load up your autoresponder, so that you can sell to your new subscribers on autopilot!

You'll learn everything from A to Z, including the techie stuff! By the time you finish this workshop, you'll have your own squeeze page that will work for you 24/7 on complete autopilot!

Workshop 3 -- Review Blog Cash Workshop

In this workshop, you'll learn how to setup your very own blog, put video reviews on it, and collect big time commission cheques.

Review blogs are awesome cash-cows! However, most people don't know how to set them up and use them right, so they do a lot of work, but never see any money. You can avoid this problem and learn the right way to do this!

You'll be shown exactly how to install your blog, set it up correctly, and use it to get a ton of traffic!

This tactic alone can put you profitably in the affiliate marketing business even if you did nothing else!

Workshop 4 -- Buying Frenzy Bootcamp Workshop

With this workshop, you're going to learn an amazing tactic that has been used by super affiliates over and over again to send people into a complete buying frenzy.

You'll learn how to take PLR products and turn them into bonus products that make your customers jump to buy anything through your affiliate link.

You'll start by taking PLR products and turning them into bonuses for any product you want to promote as an affiliate. Once that is setup, you'll learn how to create the perfect emails for the product and send them to your list. These emails will send them into a total buying frenzy!

This workshop is unique and NEVER been taught anywhere else. This is one of the biggest kept secrets in the affiliate marketing industry!

Workshop 5 -- Affiliate Backend Profits Workshop

Want to really take your affiliate marketing to the next level? Then you've got to have products of your own to sell to your buyers! In this workshop, you'll learn how to contact people who buy through your affiliate link, and sell them your own products for 100% of the profits.

You'll start by taking PLR products and setting them up so they're ready to sell. Then you'll contact those who have bought through your affiliate links (or subscribed to your list) and sell these workshops to them.

The cool thing here is you're using PLR products that are already created, so you don't have to create them from scratch. Plus, you're contacting people who have already bought things from you, so these are PROVEN buyers!

There is literally no better strategy out there for this kind of profit, and you'll learn everything you need to do to accomplish it!

Now not only are you going to get access to all of these workshops, but you're also going to get a free membership to where you'll be able to meet each week via live webinar with Super Affiliate Liz Tomey. During these live webinars you can get all the help you need from Liz to help you with your affiliate marketing business.

Just this one component makes the entire PLR Empire Profits course worth the tiny price tag!

If you're ready to take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, and use the secrets of super successful affiliate marketers make sure you grab the PLR Empire Profits course by going to:

Saturday, 5 June 2010

TE Command Post Review - First Impressions

TE Command Post Review - First Impressions

Clever system, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

I may have only done a few reviews recently, but I really do believe you want to know how I feel about products, not just give a sales pitch in the hope you will go and buy through my link. TE Command Post is a case in point.

Yes, it's a clever system, but it has its limitations and although I have upgraded to the Silver level, I'm not sure at this stage if I will keep that going. So let's see if I can put what I think into a nutshell.

First off, I'm a serious user of the traffic exchanges. I use them to promote several opportunities and they work very well for me in that I am starting to make money from my efforts. I am quite well organised though, and have come to know which sites use up my credits fast and which are slower. (If you would like to know more about the whole traffic exchange process, then please visit my other blog AcmeWeblog.

I have had masses of emails about TE Command Post - and I mean masses. Everyone and their aunts are promoting it. But that happens with new programs, and I admit to being a sucker to check most of them out. It did mean, however, that I could carefully choose just who I signed up under, which was good.

Nuts and bolts

TECP was easy enough to set up, instructions are very clear, and apart from a couple of very minor niggles I had 18 of the traffic exchanges I wanted to monitor set up fairly quickly. But then I do have software on my PC which lets me find login details and referral IDs very quickly.

Advance warning...
Make sure you have your traffic exchange login details, (username and password) as well as referral ID (which may or may not be different from your username) to hand as you will need them. I have a spreadsheet with most of them and use LastPass to autofill logins, which was why all this was simple for me.

What TECP aims to do is give you an up-to-date summary of your credits in the TE's you decide to monitor through it. I decided not to monitor those TEs I use where the credits last a long time. I usually only need to surf them once a week and it's easy and fast enough to build up a new stock. So HitsBoosterPro and High-Hits are not on my list in TECP.

But those sites where the credits disappear very quickly are! Here's a snapshot of some of them:

I can click on the green circle and it expands the data to show me which of my urls have credits assigned and which have run out. There are also menus to see the same for banners and text ads. From these pages I can go straight through and login to the TE to sort things out if I want to. Straightaway I can see that there are 3 sites where I have a lot of credits to assign, so that's quite useful.

There is an option to set Traffic Alerts - this comes through as an email message which summarises all of the above information and which you can set to alert you depending at user-defined credit and impression levels. This actually really bugs me! They have a very annoying phraseology for this, so I turned it off!

URLs have breached minimum settings
3 banners have breached minimum impression settings
3 textlinks have breached minimum impression settings

What else?

There's the usual downline building thingy and affiliate programme and... have to upgrade to get more.

The extras include having some banner and text ads which show to other members. A free member can't have these.

Here's a summary of the upgrade options:

Membership Free Silver Gold
Price Free $9.97 monthly $19.97
Max TEs 10 20 50
Max credits/urls displayed all credits/urls all credits/urls all credits/urls
Max banners displayed totals only all banners all banners
Textlinks - totals only totals only all textlinks all textlinks
Number of jumplink/
Downline Builder levels
1 3 6
% commissions 10% 25% 50%
Max banner ads none 2 5
Max text ads none 2 5
tecp alerts No Yes Yes

I would like to have seen more of a control panel so that I could group sites together and go directly to surf them, have the stats monitored so I can check how many I have done in a session and link it all to a fast browser (oops, TEBrowser does most of that - CLICK  HERE to take a look).

I'm sure they will react to feedback and we may see these additions in the future.

Bottom line - is it worth it?

$9.97 a month to monitor 20 sites? - I don't think so.

$19.97 a month to monitor 50 sites and have a few more banners displayed to members - still not enough sites for my purposes, so still not worth it.

My verdict
I have a few weeks of my silver upgrade left to run, so I have time to look around a bit more, but right now, I very much doubt I will renew my upgrade. $9.97 can buy lots of credits in some TEs and that would be a far better use of my funds.

Having said that, you owe it to yourself to check it out for yourself as it may suit your needs better than mine.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Automated Ads Review - First Impressions

Automated Ads Review - First Impressions

Well, I must say, this is a neat little program. Jeff Dedrick has done it again (he has some great ideas)!

See that bar above with 4 mini banners? That's what Automated Ads does. Can do square ones to go on the side too. And not just for Blogger Blogs, they work in WordPress as well and there's even a plugin for that.

So, here's my quick review. (As it has only just been released I haven't made any money yet.)

  • You need to register with ClickBank to get these to work for you - there's a link when you first login to the program if you are not already a member.
  • It was very easy to set up, but I had to go through the short videos which explain exactly how to add them to my sites - Blogger one had me fooled until I'd watched them.
  • It looks as if there are buttons to select and copy the code, but using those didn't work - had to swipe the code and copy it from the box instead.
  • So far I have only used the quick start campaigns. The 4-banner above is one option and the square one top right of the sidebar is another. I think they look very good. If you want to change the category you just have to set up another ad and replace the code.
  • Not that many categories in the quickstart, but you can create a custom campaign (watch the video first!) and you can check the ClickBank site to help you decide.
  • In WordPress only, there's an option to automatically have a banner at the bottom of every post.
  • Banners refresh when page reloads as long as there are more than 4 in that category.
  • Need to experiment with different banner sizes to see what works best (see example below).
  • Able to exclude any you don't like via the 'edit' option.
  • Cost - a bit expensive on the monthly upgrade at the moment - so I'm using the free version first and will upgrade once I see some money coming in, but only if I see a need to do so. Not much point if I'm not going to add banners of my own. There is a special 14 day trial offer - but I may forget to check if I need to cancel it, so I'm not going for that yet.
Yes, I think this is a neat little program to add to your web pages and blogs. As it's free too, then it's a no-brainer.


Here's another example from the health and fitness category, it's a bit wide for this particular blog, but refresh this page and you get the idea: