Sunday, 11 December 2011

Why do I need an autoresponder?

You’ve heard of them, but you are not quite sure why you would need an autoresponder. Fair enough. It isn’t always obvious, especially if you have an ‘offline’ business. It’s kinda essential though, if you do any kind of ‘online’ marketing. But let’s look at offline retail in this post.

I’ve had an autoresponder (AR) for several years, but I probably don’t use it to it’s full capacity. I actually have 2 different ones – TrafficWave is my current main one, and NPN which I will bring into use soon (I’m concentrating on other things in NPN at the moment).

By the way, if you click through to TrafficWave, there’s a free report you can get about how TW can help your retail business. You don’t need to commit to signing up with TrafficWave.

Even though you may have a conventional, offline business – shop, restaurant, service etc – you still need an online presence, but that is not the purpose of this article. However, by having a website and/or blog, you can set up a short form to capture a name and email address. Then you have your list started and can send messages and broadcasts to your subscribers.

You can have a whole series of messages, all pre-written (by yourself or someone else) and loaded into your AR to be sent out at set periods. You may choose to do this once every 2 or 3 days, once a week, twice a month. You have the control, so if you have something you would like to say, you can say it.

You may also send a broadcast message every now and then, for example, if you have a special offer, to announce a sale period, new product announcement. You could send out a coupon code or run a contest of some kind to suit your business – and it may even help to keep you one step ahead of your competitors! So, if you are agreed that you need an autoresponder, then you will want to check out the leaders in that field before you commit.

Here they are:
AWeber, GetResponse, TrafficWave, (I deliberately haven’t put NPN in this list because it’s AR is not it’s primary business.) There are others, so run a Google search to find more. Most will charge a monthly fee, What you need to examine are the costs – how many lists can you have, and how many subscribers per list before you have to pay more.

One more thing you must look into is ‘deliverability’ and here is a page where you can find out more about that (yes, it’s a TrafficWave page): 
I must admit that I’m comfortable with TrafficWave, and I can even offer you a free trial for 30 days if you click through one of my links and join – but bear in mind you will need to take time to set it all up, so use the 30 days to get all the training reports you can and have a good look round the site to find out how it all works. If you would like to take advantage of this, please enter your details below:


These days you must take advantage of every tool and resource you can get your hands on to keep your business going and also expand your reach. Get your website or blog set up and then add an autoresponder to keep in touch with your customers.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

TotallyTweetable - use it.

Click here to

What a concept!

The world of marketing online has been dying slowly for a while now as people are fed up with 'opting in' and getting mail boxes filled with nothing of any meaning. Spam is the killer (the real stuff tastes horrible too.)

So this system takes the traditional email marketing and modernizes it and then blows the roof of your exposure by adding in a pretty neat VIRAL twist.

You get to leverage the power of hundreds of people and get your message some of the biggest exposure online.

Totally Tweetable is TOTALLY F*R*E*E for a limited number of people - so do not delay. You will be amazed at the system.

It has harnessed everything that is working online and bundled it into one system that will skyrocket your results.

Click here to

I am stunned - move fast. TotallyTweetable is the most explosive program online - bar none!

I have been looking for the fastest way to get my marketing material out to the widest audience and I just found it. These guys are marketing geniuses and have opened the doors to something here which has so much value for people that I am amazed they are doing it for free....

I am sure that won't last - thousands are already talking about this.

Here is the insiders view....
Old methods of marketing simply don't work - email inboxes are TOO full and people just don't pay attention. The world is mobile - and social. This system TAPS THAT (and they don't mention it on the front page... But it hits the big 'FB' as well.... although I am not sure... maybe I just found a loophole...Who cares... It blew my exposure skyhigh!)

Look -
the bottom line is this.....

Be fast - this is evolutionary marketing at it's finest and to be honest... if you are not tapping into totallytweetable in a few months, your marketing is just plain not going to get read.

So get in - get the system working for you and get tons of exposure with other people just WAITING to send out some tweets for you (with YOUR message in them!).

To your success,


P.S. - Marketing means getting your message out to more people, more often. Social marketing is an evolution and is every marketing mind's dream, make it a reality!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All Out Ads - My New Text Ad Exchange

Well, I have decided to start my own Text Ad Exchange! It's called All Out Ads and I am very excited about this new venture.

So, what is a Text Ad Exchange?

In a nutshell, it's somewhere you can place all kinds of advertisements for - just about anything. But to be honest, online business programs are the main category, but there's no harm in placing ads for anything else. As long as the are 'legal, decent and honest'!

What's somewhat unique about my site is that I have lots of guides about using it: downloadable ebook, videos, tutorials and online chat support as well as the usual support system. It has been set up for me by AdminForFree, so other than check a few things every day, they handle practically everything else. (See the blue banner below.)

I'm going to be adding another site soon, once AOA has grown a bit more, and no doubt more in future.

So please pop over and register - it's free. Then place some ads.


-----------Update May 2012------------ After just under a year, I decided to withdraw from managing my own text site. I have put this notice at the bottom because the reason is I just don't have the time to do it justice. Admin For Free have been brilliant and encouraged me to stay on a lot longer than I really wanted to - they will have me back too. But, although I had lots of ideas, my online business has changed direction and the site was falling down without more active involvement. I wish the new owner/s every success - and still recommend it as a great way to get to know the ins and outs of text ad advertising.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cash Twist - Why I Joined

New Year always brings a raft of new programs, so the canny on-line marketer (of which I hope I have now learned to be one) will sit back and watch the firework show before jumping on board with both feet.

It's also a time of consolidation. So I've dropped a few programs which weren't working after a long time, changed how I do things a bit and started to re-think strategies in general.

I've made a few great on-line buddies along the way and take note of what they say and recommend. So, when one (his name is Marcel) suggested I take a look at Cash Twist, I asked a few questions, made sure I had space to slot it into my repertoire and joined up.

Cash Twist - Join Us and Twist!

It's only a one-time $9, you need an AlertPay account first, and you also need to be able to get onto the internet every day.

So, what's it all about?

In a nutshell, the system is obviously designed to make money for everyone - as fast as possible. But like every good system, they do have real products for you too, mainly in the form of advertising specials at the moment. But the whole concept is about getting people to sign up under you. The faster thay come in the sooner you will cycle through the system.

Now, I don't pretend to understand the ins-and-outs of matrix builders. I go with the flow and do what I can to advertise as much as possible. I mainly use Traffic Exchanges (see my big AcmeWeblog section about these - CLICK HERE) as well as Text Ad Exchanges (soon to write about those in AcmeWeblog).

It's far too early for me to say if Cash Twist is working yet. There's a great forum with lots of action, and Marcel as my sponsor is very supportive. I give it as much time as I can, which is all any of us can do; it has to slot in with my other on-line biz commitments, so I may not grow as fast as other people who can devote more time.

As with all things I get involved with, I will give it at least 6 months of hard work. As Yoda says: Do or do not. There is no try!

My best suggestion is that you do the same. It's only $9 - price of a couple of burgers or coffees. I will be happy to give you all the support I can.

You can also go through to the Official Cash Twist blog HERE

----------- Update April 2012 ----------- Although I am still a member of Cash Twist, I don't do any active promoting of it. If it grows it grows. The program is still going and lots of people seem to be doing OK with it, but I have moved to other thigs.