Saturday, 2 February 2013

ProfitClicking Keeps Improving

ProfitClicking Keeps Improving

I know I'm writing a lot about ProfitClicking, but it's such an interesting system that I'm treating these blog posts as an ongoing ProfitClicking review. Hopefully it will help interested people to make a decision about joining or not, and give a bit more confidence in the programme to those who have joined, but are not too sure if they did the right thing.

Here's a message which I sent today to 2 people who have recently joined my downline:


Thank you for joining me in ProfitClicking. I'm not going to keep pestering you with messages, but I did want to say hello and let you know how I use the system.

It took me a while to get my head around it all, but I am seeing my funds increasing every day. Over a couple of months when I started, I put about $200 in of my own money, but now I just keep re-investing - usually every day if I can login. I built up my surfing credits by surfing more than the requisite 3 sites daily, which means that I don't need to worry about that. Also, I have bought a couple of Panels and upgraded them, but you won't need to do that for a while.

The main thing to do is surf 3 sites a day (or double) - I suggest 6 a day for a week or so. No need to do any more - use that time to surf elsewhere instead, if that's what you like to do. Then re-invest the funds in your wallet by buying ad packages - or if you want to, put in some of your own money over a period of time.

Oh - and don't forget to add your 3 websites so other members can see them.

As a guide, by doing what I have said above, I now see $30
or more every time I login - last week I had $43 one day and 3 days later another $43.

Bear in mind that ProfitClicking will take back the 'free' $10 startup about 45 days down the line, but they can only do that when they see the funds in your account, so you don't really miss it. (I don't know why they say it's 'free', but they do.)
I say it as I find it. It IS working and I have high hopes for a genuine long term income with ProfitClicking. I want to retire sooner rather than later!

But it isn't the only string to my bow, so I will soon start to post about some of the other things I am doing and methods that I use too.

String + Bow - My Archery Bog