Saturday, 21 November 2009

Escalating Biz - Review

Escalating Biz - Review

Escalating Biz uses Traffic Exchanges, which I have written about briefly before, but for which I also have a lot more information in my main business blog - Acmeweblog 

I have been 'doing' it for about 8 months now and I must say it is growing steadily. It is not designed to be a get-rich-quick program, so I was prepared for a lot of time and effort. It's a very clever system, designed by Margaret Albright, and recently it has grown to be even more comprehensive as she has fine-tuned and developed complementary systems.

Ideally you would want to be prepared to spend $20-$40 each month, but you really can get away with spending almost nothing - IF you are prepared to give it time and effort. 

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Traffic Exchanges - Do They Work?

Traffic Exchanges have a bad press. Possibly because they are free - anything worth having has got to be paid for, right?

Well, I reckon that anyone who believes this doesn't understand the purpose behind traffic exchanges - or doesn't use them properly. OK, in the early days they were hard work for little reward, but now they are so slick that they are well worth incorporating into your business portfolio.

I've recently added some blog posts to another blog of mine all about Traffic Exchanges and how best to use them. This is for people who want to advertise their products and for people who want to use TEs to make money in more subtle ways. (Look out especially to see how to avoid the 'fatal mistake' most users make.)

I'll not re-write it all in here - pop over to the link below and you'll see what it's all about.

If you are not using Traffic Exchanges to promote your business then you are missing out on a phenomenal resource. Find out all about it:

Lots more online biz stuff over there too, so have a good look round.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

National Data Entry - Is It For Real? Update

National Data Entry - Is It For Real? Update.

The CD has arrived.

But it tells me nothing I hadn't already been told to find out by going online to the membership site - so that was a waste of 2 weeks. Yes, I could have started - but they said to wait for the CD. When I installed it (can't see why that was necessary either) it told me to check online for updates. Doh!

Because the CD told me nothing new, then my original opinion still stands. This is not 'proper' data entry. The forms are not provided by National Data Entry as implied - they are the forms used by the sites where you place the adverts.

You are not spoon-fed what you have to do - as would be the case in a 'proper' data entry job. You have to find the merchants/goods you want to promote using the affiliate sites such as ClickBank and Commission Junction. You then must choose whether to risk all with ay Per Click, or use the free options - articles, free ads, forums, blogs. These are all the things I am doing anyway.

These advertising sites are 100% legitimate - but that's not the point. National Data Entry is still a bit misleading in its presentation. Open to interpretation at best (or should that be at worst?).

Will I ask for my money back?

No. By trying to exit from the sales page and then saying no once more, I was actually offered a massive discount.

Also, one of the criterion I use when deciding whether or not to get refunds is whether the info has been genuinely useful. I can say, for example, that National Data Entry showed me a method which I had not considered - if it makes me money then I'm happy. There are quite a few free resources in the membership section, so all is not quite lost with this.

Interesting enough, they also have a page for what they themselves call 'traditional' data entry jobs from Yahoo HotJobs - which is a wee bit contradictory. When it comes down to it, it's the title of the program which is wrong - but then it is the one which gets peoples' attention.

Mind you, I don't know if it's me, but I do find the thought as well as the task of placing masses of ads all over the place to be very tiresome. Oh well, guess it has to be done.

Here are the links referred to above:

National Data Entry - gives a good grounding, but Wealthy Affiliate University is better for in-depth study and resources
ClickBank - for finding products
PayDotCom - same
Commission Junction - same
Wealthy Affiliate University

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.