Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Great Social Media Marketing Course - Shaw Academy - Personal Review

My, my - that was easy!

I've just achieved a Diploma in Social Media Marketing!  

(Pretty good for an old codger like me. Gained a Distinction too.)

So, what's this course all about? 

Ten lessons
Four Assignments
One Exam


I am so pleased with the course that I decided to sign up as an affiliate and do my very best to promote the Shaw Academy which I did it with.

Right now, I'm so excited with my result (only took me 20 minutes to answer 100 questions) that I just couldn't wait to set up this post. Where I will fall down is in not doing it perfectly, but you know: perfection takes time and if we wait for it we will never get anything done! (Sorry Daniel!)

So, with this very succinct personal review, please check the Shaw Academy website to see what they are offering. They are not expensive and I found the Social Media Marketing very easy to follow, despite the fact that I couldn't join even one session live online.

Very Good points
  • Daniel Byrne's lovely Dublin lilt
  • Comprehensive lessons for the Big Five Social Media sites (can you guess which ones?)
  • Each lesson at least 1 hour long - with Q & A session at the end
  • Detailed walk-throughs of setting up your promotions
  • Detailed discussions of analytics on all
  • Online Reputation Management concepts
  • Strategies
Not quite so good
  • A written transcript would take a fraction of the time to read (but probably not sink in so well, if I'm honest)
  • Some of the walk-throughs were a bit basic - but then I have done that sort of thing already, many of my fellow students may not have
  • Contact with course leader seemed to be one-way - him to me - even though I always answered his messages as if they were indeed personal. (It didn't alter the value of the course content.)
Learning Points I will take on-board (eventually)
  • Use beautiful, relevant images wherever possible (images attract more eyeballs to stay)
  • Use all the analytical tools available to plan campaigns and monitor effect
  • The correct tone for the site being used
  • Even though I hate the time it takes to watch a video, I did enjoy them and I never closed down before the absolute end in case I missed something important
  • The value of online learning - in my own time, even if I can't attend live. Do it anyway!
  • There's more to Social Media than meets the eye, so still lots more to learn 

Why don't you pop over and take a look at what's on offer. If you do one, look out for the fantastic Lifetime Family Membership offer which may come your way!


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